Posted: 1 month ago

Danarti Presents its 16th Issue - Industrial Heritage of Tbilisi

The 16th issue of Danarti is dedicated to the abandoned industrial spaces spread all over Tbilisi, representing the city’s invisible resource. Only a few of the factories operate with the initial function, while most of them have been transformed into small production units or warehouses, if not demolished and disappeared.

MUA Architecture & Placemaking initiated the Tbilisi Industrial Heritage Research in 2020, rediscovering about a hundred pieces in the city within two years.

Danarti presents the selection of key examples representing the diversity of architectural styles of Tbilisi
The presentation will take place at Fabrika - a small exhibition space (entrance from the courtyard, space is next to Flying Painter shop).
Project Directors and Authors are Natalia Nebieridze and MUA Architecture & Placemaking.
It was co-founded by Creative Georgia.
The 3D version of the exhibition is available on the following link: