Posted: 2 months ago

D. Shevardnadze National Gallery Presents Exhibition "XX-XXI, Georgian Art from Private Collections"

From April 27 to May 22, D. Shevardnadze National Gallery will present the exhibition "XX-XXI, Georgian Art from Private Collections".
The exposition unites works produced in different media and by different artists. They are based on diverse ideologies and historical contexts. The exhibited works from private collections focus on the local art scene shaped from the second half of the 20th century to the present day.
The Curator's strategy while building these collections creates a future model for the currently non-existent museum of contemporary art. Thus, the works collected in private collections acquire national and educational significance.
Exhibition public and educational program:
  • 30 April 16:00 | Kote Bolkvadze - A Dialogue Expanded in Time
  • 7 May 16:00 | Giorgi Maisuradze - Liberated Art
  • 14 May 16:00 | Lisa Zhvania - Art Today, Context and Craft.
  • 18 May 20:00 | Night at the Museum - DJ Night
  • 21 May 16:00 | Lika Chkuaseli - Exhibition tour with the curator
  • May 22 (Whole Day) - Drawing in the Museum for everyone