Posted: 6 months ago

Crosty Art Space Presents Sandro Lominashvili's Product Design Exhibition

CROSTY ART SPACE hosts Sandro Lominashvili's personal exhibition.
He is a product designer, and he will present his creations in this medium.
"Product design exhibitions are not common in Georgia, so we are interested in how the public will react to it.", is noted in the event description.
The exhibition also shows the working process of the artist, visitors will have the opportunity to see the history of the creation of the product made by the artist; From the sketch to its final look. Product prototypes and sketches will also be presented.
"Every item I design is different because each item has a different concept. As a rule, I start working on all things by making sketches - about material, color and texture, then I think. When making sketches, each idea often depends on chance. I often draw without thinking."
By presenting this exhibition, Crosty wants to develop and promote product design in the art space of Georgia. Local workshops do not have the kind of industrial machines that will simplify and speed up the development of product design, so it is crucial to inspire the community with the work of local product designers so that they also want to produce different products that will then travel to international exhibitions.
The exhibition will run from the 6th of August till the 6th of October.