Posted: 4 weeks ago

Chronicles of Georgia by French Photographer Julien Pebrel in TPMM

Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum presents Chronicles of Georgia by French Photographer Julien Pebrel. The conversation and screening with Julien Pebrel /Agence MYOP will be held Friday, on April 23rd.
"Juggling between documentary and personal projects, he will share how living between Tbilisi and Paris has shaped his approach to photography and pushed him to challenge common representations of Georgia in western newspapers through his work.
Julien Pebrel lives and works in Tbilisi and Paris. He joined the French Photo Agency “Agence MYOP'' in 2011, becoming co-director from 2016 to 2019. In recent years, he has worked in Argentina, Moldova, Russia, Togo, Bulgaria, in the Danube Delta and in the South Caucasus : Armenia, Georgia, Abkhazia and Nagorno-Karabakh and worked - among others, for The Washington Post, The Guardian, Geo, Le Monde, Libération.", is announced by TPMM.
The moderator will be Segolene Ragu, photographer.
Event language will be English.
In case of attending the event, one should register here:
Due to COVID-19 recommendations, 30 visitors are allowed to attend the event.