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CANILEAVENOW - 13th Festival of Contemporary Art to Hold in Tbilisi

Garikula presents the 13th festival of contemporary art. Due to the covid situation the festival was transferred to Tbilisi. To provide the participants with the necessary safety measures, it will run in three different galleries. Nine artists were selected for the current festival, six from them presented on 24th November in the Gallery “Maudi”, with a group show “CANILEAVENOW”.

“Fest I Nova 2021” is dedicated to the study of the post-pandemic condition, namely to the phenomenon of the other. During the pandemic the social space was almost abolished, putting the relationship with the other at the risk of extinction. The other became a digital avatar – losing the mystery of the presence and absence, becoming a transparent virtual agent.
Encountering the other, which meant being in an ambiguous tension with her, entered into a complete crisis. After the pandemic, we have to rediscover ourselves as another. However, we demand from others a safe similarity, as diversity becomes a danger. Yet the other is the only possibility of a change, as the only way to continue living. The main questions of the festival are: How is the perception of diversity in the post-pandemic world constructed? Do we have a chance to encounter the other with her own otherness? Or is the other finally separated from it? In other words, is it possible to see the other at all?
Participants are as follows:
Salome Gagua
Mari Kalabegashvili
Tamusa Zarqua
Gvantsa Jgushia
Lola Macharashvili
Nika Koplatadze
Exhibition opens on November 24th, from 18:00 till 22:00 and will continue until November 30th.
The event is open to those who meet the following requirements:
• proof of full COVID-19 vaccination both doses received at least 14 days before the event;
• Individuals who had Covid within the past 6 month.
• A negative PCR test within the past 48 hours.