Posted: 5 years ago

Cafe-Gallery Celebrates 8th Birthday

Famous Georgian night club Cafe Gallery celebrates its 8th birthday on June 18. 

Gallery is located on 48 Rustaveli Avenue. 
Following artists will perform during the night: 
Cafe Gallery is a multifunctional space, which involves: Cafe, Bar, Exhibition Gallery and Night Club.
“Gallery” has founded 10 years ago and is one of the most important parts of the Georgian Club scene. The only reason for its importance is that “Gallery” became the space which was trying for years to change the way of thinking of Georgian youth.
This place has demolished many negative stereotypes, that’s the steps where it all started to fight against aggression, changed the way of history in Georgia against Homophobia. Thousands of different types of people have learned to appreciate each other, this place made people see life without bullying and oppression, to live freely with people who has different social and sexual status.
Many famous Georgian DJs started to play in “Gallery” and grew up together. This place still is the starting for many newcomer DJs.