Posted: 4 months ago

Bazaar Talk to Hold on November 5

Within the frameworks of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020, Bazaar Talk holds virtually on November 5th.
"This webinar brings together artists and scholars who previously worked on/in/through Tbilisi bazaars and markets. As semi-private and commercial spaces that provide public resources and social & cultural knowledge, they contain significant services and social infrastructures. Regarding past experiences on those practices and places, the webinar discussions are based on such questions to open up a dialogue;
What is at stake in bazaars regarding privatization and gentrification as a witness to Tbilisi's shifting urban dynamics and, recently, with the pandemic? How vendors deal with/ fightback against restrictions and bans? What are the researcher and the artist's role in making socially engaged and community-based projects in such commercial spaces? What are the common tools to present the political and social issues related to bazaars? What other support/work/research formats can we think of?", is written in the description of the event.
Participants of the event are:
Onur Ceritoglu (Moderation)
Lydia Matthews
Ana Ramazanshvili
Lela Rekhviashvili
Giorgi Rodionov
Marike Splint
Katharina Stadler
Sophia Tabatadze