Posted: 3 years ago

Bakuriani Hosts Georgian Film Forum

The event holds on October 10-13 in Bakuriani. The forum promotes new Georgian films, which is not seen by the big audience yet.

The film forum program includes Dimitri Tsintsadze's 2 new pieces of work - "Shindisi" and "Inhale-Exhale" and Dimitri Mamulia's film "Criminal Man", which currently premiered in Venice Film Festival.

Bakuriani film forum will also launch 2 more films of Uta Beria and Giga Liklikadze.

Film schedule:

10 October, 21:00 - Shindisi, Film Director - Dimitri Tsintsadze

11 October, 12:00 - Inhale-Exhale, Film Director - Dimitri Tsintsadze

17:00 - Negative Numbers, Film Director - Uta Beria

12 October, 12:00 - Pig, Film Director - Giga Liklikadze

20:00 - Criminal Man, Film Director - Dimitri Mamulia

12 October, 12:00 - 12 Lessons, Documentary Film Director - Giorgi Mrevlishvili


Georgian film forum will host film directors, producers, artists, film critics and Media representatives. Besides film showing, interesting discussions will be held on the matters of Georgian film producing and film heritage.

The event is presented by the National Film Center and Mountain Resorts of Georgia. Partners of the film forum are Georgian Desk of Creative Europe, Hotel "Crystal" and Borjomi Municipality. films will be launched in at Movie Theatre "Bakuriani".