Posted: 8 months ago

ArtBeat Opens Mamuka Japaridze's Solo Exhibition "Work From Archive"

Gallery Project ArtBeat cordially opens multi-media Georgian artist Mamuka Japharidze’s solo exhibition, “Works from Archive”.

The exhibition is an attempt to present the archival fragments from the oeuvre of the artist, spanning from the 1990s till present. The show will feature Japharidze's personal archive, which will contain artist's personal records, visual and textual documentation of art events from the '80s and 90s Georgia. Each visual material shown at the exhibition becomes an artifact that is converted into a communication form and is in a dialogue with a viewer, transcending different historical periods and contexts, which were crucial in the development of Georgian contemporary art scene.

The exhibition combines several fields that Japharidze works in: Mythological themes, works which are based on the principle of linguistic gameplay, visual images translated into kitsch form that shows a consumerist attitude towards art and profane processes transformed as a poetic act and their visual manifestation.

Mamuka Japharidze (born in 1962, in Tbilisi) lives and works in Tbilisi and the UK. The medium of his works changes according to the context and environment and includes happenings, collections of objects and images, video projections, photography, linguistic games, drawings, sound design, prints, photo archives collected over a long period of time.

In 1992, artist created conceptual gallery called “Ramsesmzera”, involving several projects where other artists participated.

At the 48th Venice Biennale, with Georgi Alexi-Meshkishvili Japharidze represented Georgia, curated by Irena Popiashvili. In the same year a video projection, “Eye Trees” was presented in Atlanta. The artist’s works were exhibited at Georgian National Museum several times, including Reframing the 80’s in 2012 and Re: Museum in 2014. With the works by other Georgian artists, Mamuka Japharidze’s installation was featured at the exhibition Beyond Credit at Art in General, in New-York.

Currently, the artist works in the village of Shindisi “The field Academy" where he Conducts an art and agriculture training.

Opening of the exhibition takes place on Ingorokva Street 14, on October 18, at 18:00 - 21:00 and will continue till December 8th. 
Further information is presented on the website: