Posted: 3 weeks ago

American Rappers COOLIO and OTTAWAN Perform in Tbilisi within 1990s Festival

A Grammy-winning legendary American producer, actor and rapper COOLIO and disco legend, French pop duo OTTAWAN will perform at the Warehouse 2/2nd Pavilion in Tbilisi, on June 11, as part of the 1990s Festival.

The relevant information has already been published on the ticket sales website.

"Artis Leon Ivey Jr., stage name COOLIO, reminds us all of the legendary '90s song' Gangsta's Paradise ', which was created for the Dangerous Minds film and won the Grammy Award for the rapper in 1995. Gangsta's Paradise hit virtually every music chart in the world and it is recognized as the best song and hip-hop work of all time.

Along with "Gangsta's Paradise", the musician introduced himself to the masses and was remembered for his albums: It Takes a Thief (1994), Gangsta's Paradise (1995), and My Soul (1997).

The musician continues the process of creating music to this day and publishes his creations.

OTTAWAN Songs "D.I.S.C.O." "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)" was one of the hits of the '80s, and the single "You're OK" (French for "T'es OK") was included in the TOP50 list of best-selling singles of all time. OTTAWAN's repertoire includes songs in both French and English.

Georgian pop stars will also sing for you at the 90s festival," the information published on reads.T