Posted: 3 years ago

Adjara Group is Hosting this Year’s Design Hotels Members Conference Arena in Tbilisi

After international cities such as Barcelona, Lisbon and Copenhagen, Adjara Group is happy to host this year’s Design Hotels’ Global members conference Arena in Tbilisi, Georgia from 25-27 September.

‘Over 300 members of Design Hotels will join us in Georgia for a round of inspiring conferences, talks and workshops. We look forward to hosting them and showing the best Georgia has to offer in terms of hospitality, culture architecture, design and gastronomy’ – Valeri Chekheria, CEO of Adjara Group

More than 400 hotels apply for membership every year but only an average of 5 percent of them are approved. Members of this community stand out for unique concept, thought-provoking design and architecture while being successfully integrated into the local scene. Rooms Kazgebi, Rooms Tbilisi, Rooms Kokhta and Stamba hotel are all members of Design Hotels