Posted: 2 weeks ago

Abstraction in Decades - Group Exhibition at Georgian Museum of Fine Arts

On June 18, the temporary exhibition hall of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts launched a new exposition. Titled 30 Years — Abstraction in Decades, it brings together oil paintings from the museum’s collection and documentary photos, courtesy of the Georgian Information Agency.
The exhibition at 7 Rustaveli Avenue opens at 4 PM, June 18 (4 PM to 7 PM) and continues until July 18. Admission is free of charge.
Each artist’s works are showcased as a generalized subchapter in the history of independent Georgia. To put it another way, these abstract works come across as artists’ presentiments before the reclamation of independence. The intensity and expressiveness of the selected works illustrate the path covered by Georgia over the past 30 years.
This historical narrative is only emotional and associative, with no concrete emphasis or pathos—viewers just take in Georgia’s contemporary history perceived subjectively. These documentary materials are extremely generalized and poetic, even though they depict actual events.
This combination of photos and oil paintings epitomizes an interpreted contemporary reality of Georgia. The Georgian Information Agency’s photo archive and the abstract works preserved in the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts come across as modeled decades, as it were, a new reality of our contemporary history.
The difficult historical experience is typified in the unity of the exposition’s abstract photos and oil paintings. The exhibition’s generalized language of expression offers the viewer a moderate form of reflection and communication. Georgia’s contemporary history is reconsidered at this exhibition through symbols and metaphors.
The list of participating artists and photographers:
• Jibson Khundadze
• Temo Japaridze
• Alexandre Bandzeladze
• Otar Chkhartishvili
• Irakli Parjiani
• Leila Shelia
• Iuri Berishvili
• Givi Kikvadze
• Shakhvalad Aivazov
• Felix Krimsky
• Bondo Dadvadze