Posted: 3 years ago

A Picnic Festival with the Band - Soft Eject on Lisi Wonderland

Spend another usual summer day with the band Soft Eject at the countryside and make it amusing. Enjoy playing outdoor games, relax and have fun with friends and family, or even alone, also join us at fun activities we are attentively organising for you:

1. Presentation of a book “Wanderer”. The book brings together all the lyrics written by the band members, also it includes Pecho’s diaries he wrote during the band’s first trip in Europe. A book encloses a CD, that contains a restored and remastered edition of the album- “Wanderer”. Specially for you the band will perform exclusive repertoire - reminiscent of few their very first performances.

2. Late in the evening will be held the concert, where during an hour and half you could be able to listen the band’s the most famous songs.

3. After the concert you are all welcome at a specially designed mini-stage, where we’ll film a remake of the Soft Eject’s the most popular hit “Please Just Carry on”. 24 years after recording and filming the original music video, this time children of listeners featuring in the first video will sit in a circle, while everyone who wishes to hit the screen can sit behind.
This will mark the end of the Midsummer Day’s Dream. You can stay till sunrise or go home anytime you wish.

Festival organizers offer a bus service from the city center to the event site and back, to make attendees midsummer adventure more comfortable.

kids under 12 for free.

Tickets price is 30 Gel.