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3 Plays to Take Place at Vake Park Outdoor Cinema

The project "100 Chairs Under the Sky" offers 3 plays on July 28-30th.
"View from Hotel Georgia" - independent theatrical project

Playwright - Alexi Chighvinadze
Director - Ioane (Vano) Khutsishvili
Artist - Teo Kukhianidze
Music decoration - Giorgi Jikia
Artistic lighting - Vazha Maisuradze
Assistant director - Ilia Tatalashvili
Project consultant - Lasha Tsaishvili

Actors and performers:
Ilia - Revaz Tatalashvili, Lily - Lily Khuriti, Rauli - Zviad Pkhikleshvili, Petre - Gedevan Kevlishvili, Mzia - Irma Chikhladze, Omar - Alexander Labadze, Skull - Giviko Baratashvili.

Author of the idea and project manager - Sophio Sikharulidze.

Ilia is a blind person from Abkhazia who lives in the room of hotel "Georgia" with his sister. Everything here symbolizes past life and loss. Life of brother and sister changes, when Abkhazian neighbor visits them and brings them a gift of memories. 

Along with professional actors, visually impaired people also participate in the play. The play is based on their interviews. 

2030 We Have Nothing to Lose - Liberty Theater

The play will be held on June 39th, 22:00.

The year of 2030: A national movement starts in the country which demands to leave the EU. It is lead by the president.

Director: Avto Varsimashvili
Author of the play: Avto Varsimashvili
Artist: Mirian Shvelidze

Technical director: Rusiko Shoshitaishvili;
In the role: Mamauka Mumladze, Ani Aladashvili, Shako Mirianashvili, Lasha Gurgenidze, Elizbar Zviadadze.

Ballad of the Tiger and Fellow - Tumanishvili Theater

30 July 22:00
Director: Giorgi Sikharulidze

Author and artist of the idea: Zurab Gogorikidze

Project Executive Producer: Andro Klebansky

Musical decoration: Giorgi Sikharulidze, Ani Murghulia

Plastics: Veka Permisashvili, Natia Metreveli

Costume designer: Khana Andriadze

Technical director: Khatuna Jamatashvili

Participants: Mzia Arabuli, Guga Kakhiani, Ana Matuashvili, Gagi Shengelia, Veka Pirmisashvili, Natia Metreveli, Nanuka Kupatadze, Nino Iashvili, Ana-Maria Gurgenishvili, Ana Nikolashvili, Keti Asatiani, Nutsa Guchashvili, Vako Koberidze;