Posted: 3 weeks ago

2022 Season of MAUDI Live Action Takes Place Tomorrow

V.C.V.S. and André Uhl will open the 2022 season of MAUDI Live Action on January 6.
V.C.V.S. is a two-member band of Sandro Kozmanishvili and Irakli Shonia, formed and releasing music since 2016. Coaxing rhythms from shuddering devices that slap of the emotions of memory, André Uhl transports the ear and mind through a wormhole of cinematic sound synthesis. Based in Berlin with a Masters in Future Studies, Uhl is well-suited to evoke the cryptic visions of our age.
Merging viscous audio design with lurking bass and synth lines, his work slides seamlessly through the realms of brutalist music and introspective ambience. Uhl takes the listener on a journey through the hazy past and the twilight of the future that is as intimate as it is crushing.
Project MAUDI Live Action was founded in 2019. The project includes experimental music sessions, the main purpose of which is to acquaint the listener interested in modern trends in music. In addition, creating a space for musicians for future collaborations and to share experiences.
The entry fee is 10 GEL.