Posted: 2 weeks ago

Zurab Noghaideli: We Need Mega Projects and Rapid Development

“Georgia holds the strongest energy relations with Azerbaijan. We have 500-kW strongest network on safe locations. We also have a 330-kW line and another 330-kW transmission line that has been stretched from Azerbaijan to our borders and the Georgian party has to finish the 19-km network section.

This line will be also connected to the Gardabani substation”, Georgia’s ex-Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli, currently, member of ElGreen energy company supervisory board noted.

Expanding energy infrastructure with Azerbaijan and timely completion of the ongoing projects will enable us to exchange approximately 1,500-megawatt power with Azerbaijan and this volume signifies a super sustainable network, Noghaideli said.

“It is necessary to develop energy infrastructure with all neighbors. I understand that this process requires financial costs. I also understand that these investments will affect tariffs, but we should also realize that nothing is free. In this case, we should choose: over the next 10 years, we have either at least 10% economic upturn or economic welfare in the country or low tariffs with suspended infrastructural development and frustrating economy.

Indeed we need balance in this case too and we should realize the existing tasks comprehensively. Georgia’s energy sector is one of the key components for economic development and this direction cannot be developed by only small projects. We need mega projects and rapid development”, Zurab Noghaideli said.