Posted: 1 month ago

Why were Inspected 16 Food Facilities Fined GEL 10,000?

According to Beka Peradze, the head of the Labor Inspection Department of the Ministry of Health, 16 restaurants, which were fined 10,000 GEL, did not follow the recommendations of the sector, which endangered the health of citizens.

According to him, out of 26 inspected food facilities, 16 failed to meet the norms and a total fine of 160,000 GEL was imposed.

"In the process of making recommendations, we have involved all the associations that exist in the field of tourism in the country, including restaurants and food outlets. We reached out to each of them and worked together to develop the rules of the game that each entrepreneur must follow in order to improve the well-being of the community and prevent the virus.

Nevertheless, through social networks, we see the footage recorded at the different entrepreneurial subjects at the food outlets. It was a violation of the standards and rules of the game that we developed together. That is why the inspection of such facilities was carried out on Friday and Saturday. A total of 26 companies were inspected, 16 of which failed to meet the requirements, and 10 were fully met. Accordingly, a fine of GEL 10,000 was imposed on each of them and the total fines amounted to GEL 160,000.

I would like to emphasize that it is not the intention of our service or the state to use sanctioning, as long as there was a planned inspection, we have carried out 11,400 recommended inspections. Nevertheless, we faced an urgent need to sanction and thus prevent it, ”Peradze said.