Posted: 6 months ago

Union of Georgian Airports Reveals Top 5 Potential Destinations with USAID Partnership

The Union of Georgian Airports, in partnership with the USAID economic security program, has identified the top 5 potential destinations for Georgian airports through joint research. As part of the project, the aviation market in Georgia was assessed, and the best potential destinations were identified for the airports in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi.

During a visit to Kutaisi International Airport, Irakli Karkashadze, the director of the Association of Georgian Airports, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation provided by USAID Georgia, which included training for employees and joint research to identify potential destinations. Karkashadze also stated that the Union of Georgian Airports had already used several "business cases" to conduct negotiations with airlines, with some destinations already confirmed.

The report generated from the joint research included five commercial proposals for the Georgian market, all of which have development potential and could significantly impact the country's economy if implemented. The proposals presented during the presentation included the London-Tbilisi, Delhi-Tbilisi, Brussels-Tbilisi, Istanbul-Kutaisi, and Jeddah/Riyadh-Kutaisi directions.

David Hoffman, Deputy Head of the USAID Georgia Mission, praised Kutaisi International Airport for its eco-friendly design and potential to become a hub for tourism, economy, transport, logistics, and culture. He expressed optimism about the partnership between USAID and the Union of Airports, highlighting the expectation to move towards a new level of economic growth.

The partnership between the Union of Georgian Airports and USAID is a positive development for the Georgian aviation industry. With the identification of top potential destinations, airlines can be targeted for negotiations, which could lead to increased air traffic and economic growth for the country.