Posted: 5 months ago

Trade Balance Improved as a Result of Continued Growth of Exports

According to the Geostat’s initial estimates exports of goods posted a strong 17.4% YoY growth in USD terms. Increase stood at 22.0 and 37.6% YoY when measured in EUR and GEL, respectively.

Imports retreated further by 4.3% YoY over the same period. In EUR terms decline amounted to more moderate 0.5% YoY while when measured in GEL, imports went up by 12.2% YoY.
Trade balance improvement continued over the last 9 months as a result of continued growth of exports and weak imports.
Over the trailing 12 months ending in July 2019, export growth stood at 13.7% YoY, imports of goods went down by 0.5% YoY (both in USD terms) and the trade deficit narrowed by 8.3% (477 mln USD).
Detailed trade data will be available by 19th of August 2019.