Posted: 1 year ago

TOP Investor Countries of Georgia - Spain Takes the First Place

The volume of direct foreign investments made in Georgia in the III quarter of 2022 amounted to 745.3 million dollars, which is twice as much as the data of the same period of the previous year.

Among the investor countries, Spain is in the first place with 166 million dollars, which is 22.3% of the total foreign direct investments, the United Kingdom is in the second place with 123 million dollars, Ireland is also in the third place - with 120 million dollars.

Then comes:

USA - $65 million

The Netherlands - $49 million

Russia - $42 million

Japan - $30 million

Czech Republic - $24.3 million

Virgin Islands - $18 million

Denmark - $10 million

Other countries - $100 million

In total, the share of the 10 largest investor countries in total investments is up to 87%.

According to sectors, investments were distributed as follows. The greatest interest is in real estate and related activities. The second place is occupied by the sector of financial and insurance activities, and the third place is the sector of arts, entertainment and recreation.

In addition, in the III quarter, the share capital increased 6 times compared to the previous year and amounted to 226 million, which is 30.3% of the total foreign direct investments.

As for reinvestment, it amounted to 447 million dollars, and accordingly its share was determined at 60%.