Posted: 3 years ago

TOP 5 EU Countries with Major FDI Contributions to Georgia in 2018

The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Luxemburg and Germany – these five EU countries with major FDI contributions to Georgia in 2018.

According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, the TOP 5 countries is led by the United Kingdom, from where Georgia attracted 203.7 million USD in 2018, including 178 million USD went to the finance sector, 7 million USD – real estate sector and 6 million USD – healthcare sector. 

Netherlands ranks second in the list with 167.8 million USD, including 82.5 million USD went to the processing industry, 51.7 million USD – mining industry and 30.8 million USD – the finance sector.

Czech Republic ranks third with 72.3 million USD FDI contribution, including 70.9 million USD was invested in the energy sector, and the remaining part was invested in real estate and hotel sector.

FDI inflows from Luxemburg made up 48.4 million USD, including 36.2 million USD was invested in processing industry, 14.7 million USD was invested in agribusiness and 2.9 million USD was put in power sector.

FDI inflows from Germany made up 42 million USD, including 21.3 million USD in processing industry, 12.6 million USD in real estate and 3.5 million USD in development sector.
Note that according to preliminary indicators, FDI inflows in 2018 made up 1 232.4 million USD, down 34.9% compared to the 2017 indicators.