Posted: 3 weeks ago

"The Multi-Channel Platform of the Revenue Service Provides Remote Services to Users" - Tamar Geleashvili

Today, the multi-channel platform of the Revenue Service serves as a consulting and information center, offering remote services to users, stated Tamar Geleashvili, the head of the Information Center of the Revenue Service, in the "Business Partner" program.

According to her, the service is divided into three main areas: legislative recommendations, procedural guidance, and the availability of electronic services.

"Several years ago, the Revenue Service set a strategy to create customer-oriented and customized services. To achieve this goal, one of the most important initiatives was the creation of a multi-channel platform designed to facilitate easier customer interactions. This platform is accessible from anywhere in the world, serving as the main consulting and information center providing remote services to interested parties. The channels include phone calls at 2 29 92 99, a smart bot, and a video call service. As of today, the main consulting channel is available in Georgian, Russian, and English," said Tamar Geleashvili.