Posted: 1 year ago

Temporary Closure of Republican Hospital in Georgia as Ministry of Health Prepares for Full Rehabilitation

The Ministry of Health in Georgia has announced plans to fully rehabilitate the Central Republican Hospital, resulting in the clinic's temporary closure and suspension of patient services.

Deputy Minister of Health, Tamar Gabunia, explained that the rehabilitation project aims to equip the Republican Hospital with new facilities and upgrade its operations. During the construction period, the Ministry will ensure that the rights of medical personnel are protected, both in terms of remuneration and employment.

Gabunia also emphasized that the Republican Hospital will not be commercialized, as it remains a vital component of the healthcare system in Georgia. The hospital's location will be maintained, and this initiative is a strategic priority for the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry will soon present a detailed concept to the hospital's employees, addressing any concerns from the public regarding the rehabilitation project.