Posted: 1 week ago

Tea Plantations Planted in Tkibuli with the Support of the Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia continues to support local production. With the financial involvement of the bank, Okriba Ltd planted tea plantations at 55 ha in Tkibuli.

Within the framework of the Agro project, with the funding received from the Bank of Georgia, the company implemented agro-technical measures and rehabilitated wild tea plantations. In addition, the company has built a tea processing plant. Within the framework of the financing, the company purchased appropriate machine equipment in which tea is dried and packaged. In addition to tea, it is also possible to produce dried fruit with the mentioned machines. The company also received a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture within the framework of the state tea rehabilitation program "Georgian Tea". The total cost of the project was 1,345,000 GEL.

"The Bank of Georgia is constantly ready to support projects that support the production of local, historical significance. Tkibuli and Georgia in general were known for producing high quality tea and it was part of the culture. We are glad that this tradition continues in Tkibuli and Okriba Ltd bought 55 ha of tea plantations in Tkibuli district and rehabilitated these plantations. The company has built a factory, equipped it with the latest machines, started processing tea and now plans to market its products in Europe. We would like to wish success to our partner in resuming this historically important case, ”said at the Bank of Georgia.