Posted: 3 weeks ago

Tbilisi Focuses on Pedestrians: Car parked on the Sidewalk will be Immediately Evacuated

Transportation reform continues in Tbilisi, this time changes are made in the parking rules.

According to the member of the parliamentary majority, Beka Davituliani, a car parked on the sidewalk will be immediately evacuated; The rule of leaving the protocol on the windshield of the car is even abolished, in addition, the government also plans to increase the fines.

According to the bill:

• Parking the car on the sidewalk for pedestrians will be immediately evacuated;

• The municipality will be given the right to determine the places and conditions of taxi passage on the bus lane;

• The rule of leaving the protocol on the car windshield is abolished, the protocol will be sent to the offender in the standard way and at the same time one will receive an SMS message;

• In addition, movement, standing or stopping on the car-bicycle path; Stop at a taxi parking spot; Abandonment of a vehicle on the road; Parking at the charging station of an electric motor vehicle, and parking at the parking lot for persons with disabilities will result in a fine of 100 GEL instead of the existing 50 GEL;

• Parking a trailer, bus, and other inappropriate vehicles in a parking lot for a car will also result in a fine of GEL 100;

• At the same time, the introduction of the zonal parking system led to the non-observance of the prohibition sign requirement and the need to increase the fine for violation of the parking rule from 10 to 50 GEL.

"Tbilisi's transport policy is focused primarily on pedestrians, the development of public transport, and only then on private car users," Beka Davituliani said at a briefing in parliament.