Posted: 6 months ago

TAV Georgia Suggests Resuming Flights from June 20

TAV Georgia, the management company of Tbilisi and Batumi airports, suggests that certain flights will be resumed from June 15-20. In July-August, 40% of flights will be resumed.

According to Tea Zakaradze, Deputy General Manager of the company, the issue of flight restoration should be well introduced.

"We are ready to open it, but if the other airport is not opened, nothing will come out and it is an even bigger loss for us, because you are hiring an employee and you have no income. Everything should be well planned and implemented. No matter how well we prepare and plan, if the country is not ready to accept passengers, then it will not make sense to set up an airport. A unified plan should be developed on how to open borders. Restrictions should be lifted slowly at least this year, because aviation is sinking, ”said Tea Zakaradze.