Posted: 1 week ago

TAV Georgia is Developing a Master Plan for Georgian Airports

From 2023, Tbilisi International Airport will have a general plan called "MasterPlan", which includes the airport's development plan for the next 20 years.

According to Tea Zakaradze, General Manager of TAV Georgia of the airports in Tbilisi and Batumi, states guarantee the formation of a similar document based on its strategic importance, whether for aviation or railways. According to international standards, the airport's so-called "MasterPlan," which TAV will give to the state as a gift, was created by the operator company at a cost exceeding $500,000.

"The plan for the development of Tbilisi and airports is first of all important for the country and also for the airport itself, especially when it comes to the capital's airport. Our partner in this direction is the company ADPI, which is the world's leading company in terms of developing general plans.

We met with the company's representatives both in Georgia and in Paris - we reached an agreement and started working on the development of the general plan for Tbilisi International Airport.

The development plan will cover 20 years. That is, in the next 20 years, one of the leading French companies will work on how the airport can be developed.

As for the development plan, we have been thinking in this direction for years and were waiting for this document, because in some countries the state makes the development plan, but since the decision was quickly accepted, we took responsibility for the preparation of this document, so to speak, this will be our gift to the state. Because in the next 20 years it will be one of the most important documents for the Tbilisi International Airport", says Tea Zakaradze.

The general manager of TAV Georgia states that the infrastructure at Tbilisi International Airport is already outdated.

Representatives of the French company ADPI will arrive in Georgia in August, who will get to know the infrastructure on the spot and will have meetings with the representatives of all the structures that should be involved in this process.

TAV Georgia's general manager says that although TAV's contract with the Georgian government expires in 2027, developing a master plan and following through on that plan should be a priority for any operator.