Posted: 4 years ago

Statement of Georgian Railway Trade Union

As it is known, JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” has created is experiencing a very difficult situation. Personnel employed in the factory have not received their salaries for 6 months.

We share and agree with their demands regarding payroll and improvement of labor conditions. Based on this, a professional union of the electric locomotive plant, which is a member of the Professional Union of Georgian Railways and is actively involved in the ongoing processes, requested us to help and support the employees.

Effective steps have been taken to address the situation. In particular, with the involvement of the Railway Trade Union, the meeting was held between the members of the Supervisory Board and the majority of employees. During the negotiations the administration recognized the debt to the staff and expressed willingness to pay the salary immediately after obtaining the cash flow, which was confirmed by the bilateral agreement.

It is also reported that the Chairman of the Georgian Railway Trade Union is in relation with the General Director of Elmavalmshenebeli Plant Davit Gorgodze. Which is misinformation and is not true.

The Georgian Railway Trade Union once again expresses its readiness to fulfill the role of mediator between the opposing sides and expresses solidarity to the employees of the electric locomotive plant.