Posted: 1 week ago

Shares of Georgian Companies on London Stock Exchange have Changed in Price

Georgia is represented on the London Stock Exchange through a total of three companies - "TBC Bank", "Capital of Georgia" and "Bank of Georgia". Their share price changes over the past weeks were as follows:

Bank of Georgia (BGEO) shares have decreased by 2.21% and currently, the cost of one rally is 26.60 pounds. The company's market capitalization currently reaches 1.30 billion Sterling. In the last three months, the Bank of Georgia's shares increase is 36%, while the rate of growth in a one-month context is 2.3%.

Shares of TBC PLC are down 0.23 over the week. One bank share is worth 22.00 pounds sterling. The company's market capitalization currently stands at £1.21 billion. In the last three months, the price of "TBC" shares has increased by 24%, and in one month, the company's capitalization has increased by 0.46%.

The value of the shares of "Georgian Capital" (CGEO) increased by 2.08%, as a result, the price of one share became 7.35 pounds sterling. As a result of the increase in the share price, the market capitalization of the company is currently 342 million pounds sterling. The price of the company's shares has increased by 19.5% in the last three months, and in one month there is a 2% decrease.