Posted: 6 months ago

Sanctioned Planes Not Allowed to Fly to Georgia, Says Deputy Minister of Economy

The Deputy Minister of Economy of Georgia, Mariam Kvrivishvili, recently made a statement clarifying that sanctioned planes are not allowed to fly in Georgia, following the lifting of the ban on direct flights to the country. The ban was imposed in the summer of 2019, following protests against Russian occupation.

While the restriction has now been lifted, Kvrivishvili emphasized that only unsanctioned airlines will be able to make direct flights to Georgia. "No airline or ship that is sanctioned can fly to Georgia," she said. "At this stage, no permission has been issued by Georgia, because Russian airlines have not applied for us."

Kvrivishvili explained that if Russian airlines were to apply to operate direct flights to Georgia, the country would assess their status to determine whether or not they are subject to sanctions. "In case of application, all companies that will not be sanctioned will be able to perform direct flights, just as they operate in Israel, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates," she added.

The lifting of the ban on direct flights to Georgia has been welcomed by many in the country's tourism industry, as it is expected to boost the number of visitors to the country. However, the issue of sanctions remains a sensitive topic, given the ongoing political tensions between Russia and Georgia.