Posted: 3 months ago

Romeo Mikautadze: We Start Industrial Wind Power Plants in Georgia

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has signed a memorandum on the start of industrial production of wind power plants in Georgia.

The memorandum was signed by Ioseb Loladze, General Director of Delta State Military Scientific-Technical Center, and Mamuka Mikashavidze, President of the Georgian Wind Energy Association.

The memorandum envisages negotiations with leading companies producing wind power generation equipment, as well as interested parties interested in purchasing such equipment and its components. It should be noted that the new enterprise will be located in the area used by Delta.

"Development of renewable energy sources is one of the central directions of Georgia's energy strategy. Currently, work is underway on several projects, after the completion of which the share of wind energy in the energy balance of Georgia will increase. We will support the implementation of a project that envisages the start of production of parts for wind farms in Georgia. Especially when the desire to partner on the project was expressed in the largest state military scientific-technical center of Georgia "Delta", which is distinguished by professional staff and modern equipment," said Romeo Mikautadze, Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development.