Posted: 3 years ago

Railway Transport College Announces Spring Reception

The Railway Transport College is pleased to announce Spring reception on the following professional educational programs: railway track construction, wagon farm, railway power supply, railway rolling stock, railway signal alarms, centralization and railway transportation. The study of 6 programs will be available in college using the dual method. This method envisages the acquisition of practical skills based on the real working environment of the railway in Georgia.

After successful completion of the study, the graduates will be guaranteed to get employed at the Georgian Railway.

In addition to dual programs, the Railway Transport College carries out admission to modular professional education programs:

Locomotive management and logistics of cargo transportation.

Open door days will be held on March 29 and April 5, where interested people will be able to get detailed information about registration, recruitment rules and learning on professional and educational programs.

Address: Tbilisi, 11th micro region of Temka 11th Quarter (Tbilisi Sea Access).