Posted: 1 year ago

Prime Minister Instructs Agriculture Ministry to Keep Prices Unchanged on Seven Key Products

As noted by Irakli Chikovani, the Prime Minister’s advisor, the Agriculture Ministry and business sector will develop a new mechanism to minimize changes of product prices.

The country has got more than necessary reserves that will be replenished on permanent basis. At the moment, the bad weather and the current situation on roads may generate some obstacles, however, all problems will be overcome in 2-3 days, Irakli Chikovani assures.

“We keep communication with the sales sector to coordinate the business process. Consequently, we do not expect major challenges. Additionally, the Prime Mister has instructed the Agriculture Ministry to keep prices unchanged on seven key products. Together with the private sector, the Agriculture Ministry will prepare a mechanism to minimize changes of these products”, Irakli Chikovani pointed out.

These products are as follows: rice, flour, macaroni, sunflower oil, milk powder and products of milk powder.