Posted: 1 year ago

President Zurabishvili Demands Security Council Meeting Over Russian Visa Regime

Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili is calling for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the introduction of 3-month visas, following Russia's cancellation of the visa regime and restoration of direct flights to Georgia.

During a briefing in the presidential administration, Zurabishvili stated that some measures need to be taken for the state to exert more control over Russians who enter and stay in the country. The Georgian government must ensure that such activities fall into a normal and civilized framework, she added.

Zourabichvili believes that Russia's recent move is a provocation that will cause a strong reaction from the public. She also pointed out that Russia never responds to concessions with concessions, and it is essential for the Georgian authorities to understand this. The President emphasized that Georgia is a tolerant country that welcomes everyone, but some things cannot be allowed to happen.

The Georgian President's call for a Security Council meeting comes as the country lifts the ban on direct flights with Russia, which had been in effect since 2019. According to Zurabishvili, the government must be vigilant and ensure that Russian visitors to Georgia abide by the country's laws and regulations.