Posted: 3 months ago

President: My Visit to Europe Convinced Me that we have a Real Chance to Join the European Union

According to President Salome Zourabichvili, Georgia has a real chance to join the European Union. She noted that everyone should be united in this process.

"My visit to Europe has convinced me that there is a new, real chance to join the European Union, a real readiness on the part of our partners. It was crucial for me to have personal meetings and media presence to reinforce my position. There is a temptation to either forget Georgia or consider it in a different light than Ukraine or Moldova.

Everyone asks: What shall we do? How do we increase our chances? When and how? The answer is unity! Unity and unity! No splitting and running separately with our partners! It is necessary to prepare and submit a unified agreed plan. The president, the prime minister, the government and the parliament, all the political forces, the media, the non-governmental organizations, the ordinary citizens, must all unite and act around one plan and one goal. Work on a package of reforms that will be necessary if we are to take the future in Europe seriously. It will be a real expression of national consent, without which no country has ever joined the European Union," said Salome Zurabishvili.