Posted: 8 months ago

Pat Patel on Fintech: "Georgia is Ripe for Development"

Financial technologies took center stage at the Tbilisi Silk Road 2023 Forum, with a dedicated panel discussing the current trends and challenges.

"Many countries are eager to harness the potential of fintech. From our discussions during the forum, it's evident that Georgia is on the right track. The focus now should be on formulating a 10-year roadmap to champion fintech's growth and adoption across the nation," said Pat Patel, CEO of Elevandi.

Patel is bullish about Georgia's prospects in the fintech arena.

"Emerging markets have a unique opportunity to capitalize on their existing strengths in this sector. By creating a strategic blueprint that draws on the expertise of the central bank, major financial institutions, and budding fintechs, Georgia can lay the groundwork for a robust fintech community," he elaborated.

Under Patel's leadership, Elevandi has been pivotal in nurturing fintech ecosystems in South Asia, Africa, and Europe, collaborating with both governmental bodies and businesses. The company plays a crucial role in bridging connections between individuals, enterprises, and innovative solutions, further catalyzing fintech investments and activities.