Posted: 5 years ago

Partnership Fund to Finance Poultry Farm in Kaspi with 1.5 million USD

Poultry farm construction works in the village of Metekhi, Kaspi municipality, will start in spring 2019. The farm will supply 250 tons of chicken meat to the market starting September 2019, LLC GLC director and founder Giorgi Verulashvili told BM.GE.

The farm construction works were to start in 2018, but European partners failed to supply required equipment and the process was protracted, Verulashvili said. 

Five million USD will be invested in the poultry farm and 1.5 million USD will be allocated by Partnership Fund, he said. The farm will grow Broiler chickens and the

farm will supply the products to the market in both raw and frozen form. 

The Georgian market consumes about 3-4 thousand tons of chicken meat a month and initially, the company will hold 6%-8% of the market ratio. 

The company already owns two farms, where one-day meat chickens are bred to supply them to the market. The farm supplies products to Armenia and Azerbaijan too. The company supplies 400-500 thousand one-day chickens to these country every month. 

“We have two poultry-breeding reproctors, where one-day chickens grow. These farms are located in the villages of Noste and Barnabiantkari, Kaspi municipality. Both farms work at full capacity. We will supply chickens to our new farm from these sources”, Giorgi Verulashvili said.

GL company launched operation in 2008 by Georgian investments. The company attracted 2 million USD additional investments for business expansion, including 600 000 USD was allocated as part of Preferential AgroCredit project.