Posted: 5 years ago

Over 90% of Subscribers Will Be Gasified in 2019-2021

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava introduced the 2019-2021 Gasification Action Plan to the Prime Minister’s Adviser for the Regional Development, Sozar Subari and the Regional Representatives.

The Plan envisages allocation of over 200 million GEL for the relevant works from the State Budget. As a result, over 90% of the subscribers will be gasified, including in the settlements where the gas supply has never been provided before.

According to the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava, the Ministry prepared a three-year plan of gasification, which will be sent to the Cabinet of Ministers in the nearest future. “As a result of this ambitious and large-scale plan, the gasification will reach almost 100% in many regions and in total, the number of the subscribers provided with natural gas will reach 1,6 millions, which is more then 90%. This is a huge facilitation aiming at increasing the gasification to the extent possible” – Natia Turnava noted.

“Via gasification we will achieve several strategic goals – most of Georgia’s citizens will become natural gas users, significantly will be reduces the use of timber in family farms, which will positively impact the ecological situation,” – the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development said.

The Prime Minister’s Adviser for Regional Development, Sozar Subari highlighted the fact that gasification will be carried out in high mountainous areas of Georgia that are quite remote from gas pipelines and thus the process of gasification of such settlements is quite difficult. Therefore, gasification of such settlements is also an important social project. According to Sozar Subari, the three-year program will cover over  61 000 families. The Prime Minister’s Adviser drew attention to the large-scale works being implemented in the Samegrelo Region, especially in the Municipalities of Tsalenjikha and Chkhorotsku.

The issue of gasification of existing settlements in the high mountainous regions of Georgia was highlighted at the meeting as well. It was said that a special program will be considered in the nearest future, which will provide gasification of such settlements.

The head of Georgian Gas Transportation Company Jaba Khmaladze and the company representatives attended the meeting.