Posted: 6 months ago

Over 1000 Micro Power Plants Now Part of Georgia's Net-Metering Network, Boosting Renewable Energy

Georgia's commitment to renewable energy development has reached a new milestone with the inclusion of over 1000 micro power plants in the net-metering network, according to the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission of Georgia (GNERC).

As of this year, the network comprises 1039 stations with a combined installed capacity of 64 megawatts. These include 314 stations connected to the JSC "Telasi" network and 725 to JSC "Energo Pro Georgia".

Under GNERC's guidelines, individual users or groups can generate electricity using renewable sources such as solar, wind, water, and even wastewater. Surplus energy can be sold back to the distribution network owner. Notably, net metering is classified as non-commercial activity, and profits from excess electricity sales are exempt from income tax.

Implemented in 2016, GNERC's net metering regulation has been fine-tuned to align closely with user needs and market principles. This user-friendly and supportive regulatory environment is credited for the significant growth in the number of micro power plants participating in the system.