Posted: 10 months ago

Natural Disaster Causes Extensive Damage in Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti; Relief Efforts Underway

In the aftermath of a significant natural disaster, Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti have sustained extensive infrastructural damage, including the impairment of 100 bridges and culverts. The first day of the calamity saw 3,627 subscribers lose access to natural gas. As of the latest update, 791 households remain without gas services.

Addressing the crisis, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated, "Humanitarian aid, aggregated by local municipalities and Georgian Dream representatives from across the regions, has already been distributed to 235 affected families. The relief effort is ongoing, and the government will extend as much support as feasible to those impacted by this catastrophic event."

Regarding utility disruptions, the Prime Minister elaborated, "On the disaster's inaugural day, 3,627 gas subscribers were severed from service in Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti. At present, 791 of those subscribers remain without natural gas. Road-clearing operations are currently underway in the affected villages, after which Socar—the gas supplier—will commence restoration of services."

Prime Minister Garibashvili also praised the collective efforts in mitigating the disaster's impact. "All state agencies are fully mobilized. I extend my gratitude to the rescuers, governmental organizations, local authorities, members of parliament, and party leadership who have actively engaged in relief operations. We remain committed to standing beside our citizens in these challenging times," he said.