Posted: 1 week ago

Natalia Chubinidze Answers Questions about Employment of Georgia Citizens in Germany

In her interview with Business Partner, migration management specialist Natalia Chubinidze appraised the Georgia-Germany legal program for employment of Georgian citizens in the agriculture sector of Georgia for a period of 1-3 months.

Our citizens have shown unprecedented interest in this project, she said. „When we signed the visa-free regime agreement in 2017, our citizens expressed huge interest, particularly, in the first stage. We have determined specific criteria to select registered applicants. I do not know which category of our citizens have submitted applications, but it is not surprising that students, for example, want to use their holydays to work in Germany for 3 months, receive working experience, then come back to the country and use the received finances and experience in Georgia, Chubinidze said.

This is an intergovernmental legal project that enables our citizens to get legal jobs in Germany on a rotational basis. Our country needs people with European experience and values, Chubinidze said. This is a successful example of cooperation between Germany and Georgia, she noted. As reported, the registration of applicants for the program started on February 16. At this stage, over 60,000 citizens of Georgia have submitted applications.