Posted: 1 year ago

Ministry of Health Probes Alleged Price Hikes in Oncological Medicines, Threatening Patients' Access to Treatment

The Ministry of Health reports an artificial increase in the prices of oncological medicines, which is a matter of concern for many citizens. Medicines for which reference prices have not been established have experienced price increases, causing limited access to treatment for oncology patients.

Individual pharmaceutical companies are under scrutiny for their alleged dishonest actions. In particular, some of these companies have significantly increased the prices of expensive oncological medicines that are financed by the state under the universal healthcare program. The National Health Agency has also noted that these companies have set identical prices for medicines with the same name.

There are concerns of an unfair agreement between the pharmaceutical companies and the potential improper use of dominant positions, which harms both citizens and the state that finances the treatment of oncology patients. The National Competition Agency is investigating the matter to determine whether or not there have been any dishonest actions by these companies.

Unfortunately, these price increases limit the access of oncology patients to drugs, which is a critical aspect of their treatment. The Ministry of Health has stated that the artificial increase in drug prices is unacceptable and that there will be a strict response to each violation.

It is crucial that we ensure that citizens have access to the treatment they need, and that pharmaceutical companies prioritize the well-being of patients over profit. With the ongoing investigation, we hope that justice will be served and that measures will be taken to prevent such practices in the future.