Posted: 2 weeks ago

Minister of Economy Announced Succes Achieved in Energy Sector

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development announces the successes achieved in the electricity sector in the country.

Natia Turnava told reporters after the event dedicated to the "Energy Day" that in the last 7 years the country has put into operation a total of 1150 MW of installed capacity - hydropower plants, thermal power plants, wind power plants, which is about 50 times more than the generation capacity in the previous decade.

"This is a breakthrough in strengthening our energy security and energy independence," the minister said.

"We plan to have about 2,000 megawatts total of power plants, including large hydropower plants, such as the recently launched Namakhvani HPP project, as well as micro-hydropower plants, such as the one in Shatili, to provide electricity, gas and other benefits," said Natia Turnava.