Posted: 1 month ago

Maersk Launches Mid-Corridor Rail Service - Trains to Run from China to Europe via Georgia

In response to the needs of its customers in the field of transport, Maersk has offered its customers a new rail-maritime service that connects Asia and Europe via Central Asia.

According to a new service from A.P. Moller - Maersk, the train will be connected to Europe from various locations in China in about 40 days via Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Romania.

"Based on the current needs of customers, we have prepared an updated service and thus will help alleviate the current logistical challenges. The Middle Corridor provides an alternative and ecological intermodal connection between Asia and Europe. More than 90% of the services in the middle corridor are electrified, ”explains Maia Parlagashvili, Global Product Manager at Maersk Intercontinental Rail.

After crossing the Khorgos border between China and Kazakhstan, the containers are transported by rail to Aktau station, where they are loaded on a cargo ship to Baku, to Azerbaijan, and from there the containers are transported by rail to Georgia, to the port of APM terminal in Poti. After that, the cargo is transported by rail to different countries in Europe.

Maersk started the development of this route in March and implemented the first route from China in April, which mainly served the automotive and household industries.

"The corridor has enough capacity and it will allow our customers to have a reliable alternative shipping route to strengthen the supply chain," - added Maia Parlagashvili.