Posted: 1 year ago

Logistics Center of International Standards to to be Built in Georgia

A logistics center of international standards will be built in Georgia. For this purpose, the licensed representation of the international transport company FedEx in Georgia signed a financial agreement with the US International Development Finance Corporation, from which it attracted long-term financing in the amount of 4 million dollars.

FedEx licensee "Information Communications Systems" also mobilized its own investment capital and the total investment volume of the project amounted to 6 million dollars. A logistics center near Tbilisi International Airport will be built on 10,000 sq/m in 18 months, where up to 150 jobs will be created.

"There is no analog of this project in Georgia. The logistics center will serve FedEx shipments, although its key and important function is that the project will provide logistics services to small and large companies operating in Georgia. Accordingly, companies will have to organize their own procurement. which will give them a means of saving large amounts of money. In cooperation with companies, we store their products, inventory them, and supply the network on a daily basis. We are glad that we will introduce this concept for the first time in Georgia," says Nino Menteshashvili, executive director of "Information Communications Systems".

According to her, the new logistics center will also contribute to the development of e-commerce in Georgia, because the new warehouse services will be connected to electronic platforms, and the delivery of products will take place through the logistics center without the efforts of the stores.