Posted: 4 years ago

Leading Airlines of 6 Months on Georgian Aviation Market

Wizz Air is the leader of the Georgian aviation market. With the statistical data of January-June of 2019, low-coster served 348 850 passengers in 6 months on the Georgian airbase taking 14% of the market.

According to the data of January-June 2018, Wizz Air held 11% of the Georgian airspace and took third place in the ratings.

Georgian Airways takes second place in the charts, serving 260 774 passengers in 6 months. 

By January-June 2019, Turkish Airlines controls 10% of Georgian airspace and is ranked third in ranking. The air carrier has served 255 66 thousand Georgian airports. In January-June 2018, Turkish Airlines was the 12% of the Georgian airbase.

By the first half of 2019, the company's fourth place-  7-7%, is owned by Ural Airlines and Pobeda Airlines. By 2018, the share of Ural Airlines was 5% and the share of Pobeda Airlines was 3%.