Posted: 4 months ago

Itsi Tskali Resumes Production

Springwater manufacturing company Itsi Tskali has resumed operation. As the company founder Vladimer Gurgenidze told BusinessPartner TV Program, Itsi Tskali plans to export products of $1 million by the end of 2021.

Itsi Tskali spring water is bottled in Ambrolauri District, Racha Region.

Part of the product will be exported to the Russian Federation in a week. The company will also export products to Belarus and Kazakhstan. Founded in 2017, Itsi Tskali launched spring water production in January 2018. The spring water bottling company was founded with the financial and infrastructural support of the Enterprise Georgia state program.

The annual output of the company is 10 million bottles. The spring water of Itsi Tskali is sold in the Racha Region and several restaurants of Tbilisi. The company bottles spring water in both glass and plastic containers. The price of the product in 0.5-liter bottles makes up 33 Tetri, Gurgenidze noted.