Posted: 2 months ago

Internet Cable to be Laid in Black Sea Connecting Georgia and Romania

Another large project in the Black Sea is in development. On the seabed, an electric cable connecting Georgia and Romania is being built on the seabed. 

A study will be conducted for the economic substantiation of high voltage transmission cable and fiber-optic internet cable, which will be commissioned by the state electricity system and financed by the World Bank.

If the project is implemented, it means that the 1,195-kilometer cable from Georgia will be connected to Romania. According to the World Bank, a preliminary assessment of the project has already been conducted, according to which the existence of such interconnection will have a positive impact on the energy system and economy of both Romania and the South Caucasus.

Ucha Seturi, head of the Association of Small and Medium Telecom Operators, says the construction of a new fiber-optic cable connecting Romania will give Georgia a chance to become a digital hub in the region. According to him, given that Internet consumption is growing very fast in the world and in Georgia, the existence of additional Internet connection points, especially in Europe, is important.

"We have an internet connection with all neighboring countries. Our connection with Europe is in the direction of Poti - Varna. We also have accession to Russia in Lars, an accession to our occupant neighbor via Poti-Novorossiysk. We have accession with Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2-2 places, as well as with Turkey in Sarpi and Vale. In other words, we can say that the opportunities for accession have been used, ”said Ucha Seturi.

According to him, the US State Department also speaks about the importance of the Internet as a strategic object. Ucha, therefore, focuses on the diversification of resources. According to him, it is important to reduce the connections with Russia as much as possible, and the transit, which passed through the northern neighbor, to be transferred to Georgia.

"We say that our geographical location allows us to conduct Internet traffic through Armenia and Azerbaijan, including to India and China," said Ucha Seturi.

According to him, the cable opens the possibility for the country to enter the largest companies, which are now represented in Turkey.

"It has been so long since we have joined Europe and the giant operators represented in Istanbul have not been able to enter the region. It is good that they have not entered with our neighbors so far. Now there is hope that they will enter Georgia after the construction of the cable," said Ucha Seturi.

According to him, if there is financing, the construction of the cable is possible in 7-8 months, and the construction of the network under the Black Sea should not cost more than 70-80 million euros. Asked who should own and manage the cable - public or private, Seturi said it would be best if the cable was handed over to a private company.