Posted: 1 year ago

Independence Square Opened in Rustavi

 Juansher Burchuladze, Minister of Defense of Georgia, Giorgi Tsibadze, First Deputy Executive Director of the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia, Nino Latsabidze, Mayor of Rustavi City, and Giorgi Dokhturashvili, Authorized Representative of the State in Kvemo Kartli opened Independence Square in Rustavi.  

The Municipal Development Fund performed works for full rehabilitation of the named space, which was known to Rustavi population as Didebis Alley. The upgraded recreational space begins with the May 26th monument. Works for rehabilitation of the square existing across the   memorial of Glory   and of the square adjoining the memorial of Glory are completed. 

Pedestrian and bicycle paths, green spaces, outdoor lighting network, irrigation system and recreational zones are arranged. The recreational space is adapted to the needs of disabled persons. Project implementation started in spring of current year.  

In Rustavi, the MDF is implementing numerous projects under the program. Rehabilitation of 12 buildings is completed and of 10 buildings - ongoing.  The works provided for replacement of building facades, windows, and panoramic windows, lighting system was arranged along with landscaping.  Second stage involves continuation of the above-mentioned works.  As for arrangement of bicycle and pedestrian paths, part of construction works is completed and the remaining part is to be completed in the beginning of  2023.  

Besides, the Municipal Development Fund extended GEL 6 509257  to Rustavi Municipality in the form of a grant, which is being applied for the following:  rehabilitation of city entrance and Queen Tamar square, Zhiuli Shartava square, Shota Rustaveli square and the square existing on Lado Meskhishvili street.  

Moreover, the MDF extended GEL 2 820 033 to Rustavi Municipality in the form of a grant for rehabilitation of elevators. Rustavi city hall states that within the period of year 2022, 80 elevators were replaced in Rustavi city and the Municipality is proceeding with elevator replacement-rehabilitation works.   

The 4-year „Upgraded Regions Program“ covers 63 municipalities of Georgia and the tentative estimated cost of the first stage works equals GEL 500 million. The Program provides for urban upgrade of regions, which involves development of major facilities existing in the public, municipal and private ownership.