Posted: 11 months ago

I am Proud to Be an Agronomist Who is Trying to Develop his Country" - Jimi Chkheidze

Nestled in Kakheti, near the village of Udabno, a sprawling almond orchard stretches over 27 hectares. This thriving green space is the creation of Jimi Chkheidze, who embarked on this agrarian journey just a few years ago, marking his place as one of the youngest agronomists in the field.

Interestingly, Jimi's introduction to the nuances of agriculture began in the virtual world—a computer game that fueled his youthful aspirations. Dreaming of replicating his digital farming endeavors in reality, he longed to own a tangible plot of land. "This orchard has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of my daily life," Jimi articulates with pride.

A hands-on farmer, Jimi is intricately involved in every facet of his enterprise. He proudly states, "Of the 10,000 plants in my garden, I am intimately acquainted with each. I can discern any challenges any individual plant might be undergoing."

Jimi opines that modern agriculture thrives on such an involved, detail-oriented approach. He emphasizes the pivotal role of cutting-edge technology and premium plant protection methods in today's farming landscape, asserting their significance in crafting products that align with European benchmarks.

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